Decorative water-based paint with a mineral aspect made for inside.


Perfect for large areas, MATECO® exists in 21 different colors of light and neutral tones. Colors can be created on request with a minimum volume condition.


Technical properties :


• Full of mineral loads (Calcium carbonate and titanium oxide).


• Good filling and covering capacity. Make your surface opaque and breathable.


• Avoid blisters and detachment of coatings due to humidity.


• May be applied on old and new surfaces.


Aesthetic and Decorative finish :

MATECO® offers a very matte finish, deep and mineral, close to a limewash.


The process :

MATECO® paint can be applied with roller or with a brush (similar to a limewash finish) in 2 layers.



The paint must be diluted with 20% to 30% water, depending on desired finish, applying tool used or even surface porosity.


MATECO® paint feels dry in 1 to 2 hours. The second layer can be applied after about 3 hours and completely dry after about 24 hours.


 MATECO® exists in buckets of 1L to 15L.
1L of MATECO® paint can cover 5 m2 in 2 layers so 200 ml/m2 (Depending on surface and tool used).



High efficiency :

through its good filling and covering capacity,MATECO® allows construction of larger areas at a lower cost.

MTC1 - Matéco
MTC1 – Matéco
MTC2 - Matéco
MTC2 – Matéco
MTC3 - Matéco
MTC3 – Matéco
MTC4 - Matéco
MTC4 – Matéco
MTC5 - Matéco
MTC5 – Matéco
MTC6 - Matéco
MTC6 – Matéco
MTC7 - Matéco
MTC7 – Matéco
MTC8 - Matéco
MTC8 – Matéco
MTC9 - Matéco
MTC9 – Matéco
MTC10 - Matéco
MTC10 – Matéco
MTC11 - Matéco
MTC11 – Matéco
MTC12 - Matéco
MTC12 – Matéco
MTC13 - Matéco
MTC13 – Matéco
MTC14 - Matéco
MTC14 – Matéco
MTC15 - Matéco
MTC15 – Matéco
MTC16 - Matéco
MTC16 – Matéco
MTC17 - Matéco
MTC17 – Matéco
MTC18 - Matéco
MTC18 – Matéco
MTC19 - Matéco
MTC19 – Matéco
MTC20 - Matéco
MTC20 – Matéco
MTC21 - Matéco
MTC21 – Matéco

Attention, colours depicted on a screen are not reliable and depend on brightness calibration. Taking into account the restriction of screen, the shades presented in this colour chart are indicative and can not be considered as contractual.

When making your choice, we strongly advise you to request a colour card from our Distance Selling Service or at + 33 (0)9 72 26 51 59.