Are you looking for a solution to cover vast area of you interior floors?

The Concrete Look Self-smoothing Floor SC+ will decorate your house with natural perfection.


 Description SC+ :

As its name suggests, the Concrete Look Self-smoothing Floor Mercadier is, a self-smoothing mass, fusion of cement, redispersable resins and special admixtures.

Its enriched formula ensures decorative properties and unique finish.  Due to its tight silken aspect and fine grain, this material embellishes your floor and is ideal for large areas.

It is applied in one go with a finishing trowel and total thickness of 4 to 15 mm. It can be placed on the majority of new and old surfaces

 Tight and Silken Aspect:

Its fluent consistency allows fast execution of interior floors.

Its tight and silken aspect achieved due to a very fine grain will be well seen in this smooth coloured screed with a refinement of a seamless cast floor.

The Concrete Look Self-smoothing Floor Mercadier fits well to any room and becomes your ally adapting to any décor and environment of your house.

Apply on

It will fit perfectly to any room of your house  where its finesse will be appreciated: living room, kitchen, bedroom….

Is applicable for low temperature heated floors and anhydrite screeds.

Ideal for

Every floor of your house.


– Available in 18 colours !

– Its fluidity ensures fast application on your floor.

– Can be placed onto low temperature heated floors and anhydrite screeds.

– Self-smoothing.

– Tight and silken aspect.

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