Are you looking for a new solution in home decoration?

The PURE ® Minéral Béton – PMB – Cement and Lime for a mineral finish.


Product Description :

Our PURE® Mineral Beton is a concrete coating enriched in lime.

It allows the realization of interior decorations in polished concrete, vertically as well as horizontally (walls, wash-basins, technical parts, etc.)

Its strength properties are combined with a decorative nuance finish in a color chart of softened shades. Its soft texture facilitates its application on most of surfaces


Aesthetic Render :

PMB – PURE® Minéral Béton


Decorative coating made from cement, lime and mineral fillers.


Slightly nuanced, color chart with softened shades.


Thin grain. A soft and smooth texture and a longer application time facilitate the application.

Ideal for :

Indoor : wall, Italian shower, countertop, wash-basins, bathroom.


Application steps :

  • Apply in 2 or 3 layers on the surface after preparation (plaster, old tiles, cellular concrete, cement, wooden derivatives…).
  • Can be used either on new or old surfaces.
  • Apply on a thickness from 1mm (decorative wall) to 2mm (technical room).


  • Mix components powder and liquid (binder + water) in the good proportions indicated and knead.
  • In case of a 2mm application, a primer coat is necessary.
  • Finishing layers:

Apply with a trowel, smoothly and regularly. Then allow drying. Scrub and sand the surface if necessary. Moisten lightly before the application of the last finish coat.
Apply by trying to close the grain and the surface.

  • Protection: several days later apply an adapted sealing system


Morning - PMB
Morning – PMB
Green - PMB
Green – PMB
Lucca - PMB
Lucca – PMB
Smokey - PMB
Smokey – PMB
Macadam - PMB
Macadam – PMB
Cadichon - PMB
Cadichon – PMB
Lava - PMB
Lava – PMB
Coltan - PMB
Coltan – PMB
Tofu - PMB
Tofu – PMB
Rudy - PMB
Rudy – PMB
Panarea - PMB
Panarea – PMB
Sweet - PMB
Sweet – PMB
Jaisalmer - PMB
Jaisalmer – PMB
Gold - PMB
Gold – PMB
Carrare - PMB
Carrare – PMB
Latte - PMB
Latte – PMB
Bardenas - PMB
Bardenas – PMB
Nude - PMB
Nude – PMB
Gironde - PMB
Gironde – PMB
Dukha - PMB
Dukha – PMB
Zut - PMB
Zut – PMB
Taxon - PMB
Taxon – PMB
Voyage - PMB
Voyage – PMB
Cheek - PMB
Cheek – PMB
Coquette - PMB
Coquette – PMB
Donald - PMB
Donald – PMB

Attention, colour chart depicted on a screen is not reliable and depends on brightness calibration.

We strongly advise you to request a free colour card from our Distance Selling Service or at + 33 (0)9 72 26 51 59.