Everything can be renovated with
the Layered Polished Concrete even your old tiles

Bétons cirés

The concrete is now within everyone’s reach

Due to the fusion of cement and special admixtures, it is both flexible and resistant, thus easy to handle, It is applicable in 2 mm thickness onto the old coatings and tiles with no need to remove them.

Aesthetic, but also technical: the technical qualities of our main products were tested in accordance with applied norms of CEBTP in France (Experimental Centre for Research and Studies of Building and State Construction – Laboratory Materials) using the following criteria: adhesion, compression resistance, abrasion, resistance to punching (report No. BMA1-7-4142).


Decorative Concrete

* Used for ages as a structural element, the concrete has been hiding inside of our walls.

* Traditional construction material, it penetrates more and more into our homes and appartments and integrates into any environment. No room can escape from it.

* Trowelled or seamlessly poured floors, decorative walls… it  finds the use for itself on kitchen worktops, under washbasins and all over showers.

* Effect of a natural mineral, tadelakt, textured or smooth… the concrete  can take any shape.

* Imperative sealers (wax, protector or varnish) contibute to turn this chameleonic material into an ally one chooses in decoration and interior desing.


Coloured Concrete EBC

Decorative finishing mortar already coloured in its mass. Very fine grain.

Floor, wall, stair, Italian shower, countertop, washbasin, credenza…

Available in 72 colours !


Pure Mineral Beton

Cement and Lime for a mineral finish.

Indoor : wall, Italian shower, countertop, wash-basins, bathrooma …

Available in 27 colours !


Concrete Look Self-levelling Floor RBX

Self-levelling mortar already coloured in its mass, fusion of cement and mineral admixtures.

Interior floors, living rooms, halls, boutiques, high-traffic areas…

Available in 13 colours !

SC Plus

Concrete Look Self-smoothing Floor "SC+"

Self-smoothing mortar, fusion of cement, self-spreading resins and special admixtures.

Interior floors, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, vast areas…

Available in 15 colours !