Choice of Material:

The Layered Decorative Concrete EBC helps you execute low walls and different elements of your garden using only one material to created continuous and uniform atmosphere.


Tips from Mercadier:

Changing weater conditions require meticulous substrate preparation to ensure durable render. When you apply the Layered Decorative Concrete EBC on a terrace (in particulary around the swimming pool area) and on exterior steps you should leave a little of grain to ensure the surface is not slippery when it is wet. Our primer adapted for exterior application will prevents the growth of mould.

Inspirations by Mercadier:
The choice of colour for outdoor application is important and we advise to opt for neutral colours. Light shades will reflect too much sunlight while certain vivid colours have less resistance against the UV light.

Decorative Tips&Tricks:

Why don’t you extend your interior decorative concrete to your garden to create the continuity of the material?

  • TheTerrace in EBC Color
  • TheTerrace in EBC Color
  • TheTerrace in EBC Purple Decorative Polished Concrete Mercadier - Design - Decoration
  • TheTerrace in EBC Color