For more than 10 years already we are working to develop innovative colourful products of decoration being consious about today’s technical constraints and environmental challenges. All this to be able to propose you accessible decorative solutions.

Born in Aix-en-Provence our enterprise has developed all around France and our team of passionate specialists has grown considerably. Using the help and feedback from our own boutiques, our resellers network and our partners applying the decorative coatings, we carry on developing new materials for decoration to astonish you and to accompany you in your projects.


Mercadier Company:
Our driving forces are Accessibility and Innovation.

Mercadier has established itself around an idea which is simple and difficult at a time: every product we create, irrespective of how technical it is, must remain accessible for everybody.

Men and Women

Man’s hand is essential for all the work of creation and emotion.

Every one personifies the Mercadier Principles: Technical Know-How and Common Values.  Transmission, Proximity, Accessibility and Solidity of our Products.